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Everything you should know about the payday loans’ repayment options

Have you decided to apply for payday loans online? Then before getting money you should find out everything about the repayment requirements not to get into trouble being unable to repay your payday advance.

How much time do you have to repay your online payday loan?

Such type of quick source of money as online payday loans has appeared as an alternative to borrowing money till your payday. This means that you don’t have much time to repay your payday loan. The terms vary from two weeks till one month. It depends on the date you have become our customer. Due to this, online payday loans are also called short-term loans.

Which amount of money should you repay?

Each company has its own percentage rate which may differ a bit from one lending services to others. It is better to discover which interest rate the company is going to charge you before applying for online payday loans for you to be on the safe side that you will be able to pay your loan back without any problems.

Being a direct lender we can offer you competitive rates which will satisfy even a choosy client. Moreover, it is better to get a consultation of our representative if you are our new customer because we appreciate those who choose our services and provide them with the special offers. You can also visit our official website to find all necessary information about the interest rate and the annual percentage rate. However, we are always ready to listen to your personal situation and recommend you the best possible way out of the trouble you are experiencing at the moment.

Where should you go to pay your payday loan?

If you apply for our payday loans online you are going to have a lot of benefits. And convenience is one of them. The key word in the name of our online payday loans is “online”. This means that the whole process since the very beginning when you fill your application form online till the end when you need to repay your payday loan due to the date which has been stated in your contract occurs online!

There is no need to go anywhere. Instead of this you should check if you have the whole amount of money at your banking account because we are going to withdraw:

  1. The amount of money that you have got as your payday loan.
  2. Additional charges like interest rate you have been aware of before signing the contract.

The withdrawal takes place due to the date which has been mentioned in your agreement and not earlier or later.

What if you fail to repay the loan on time?

Some people have difficulties with remembering the date of their payday loan’s repayment. For such customers we have provided the system of reminders in the form of messages which are going to tell you beforehand that your repayment date is close. You shouldn’t fail to repay the loan on time because it can lead to serious problems. Otherwise, you will have to pay some extra charges. If you have some emergency situation which prevents you from repaying your payday loan online the first thing you should do is to contact us and to explain your reason of not being able to make your repayment on time.

In this case we will try to help you by offering such possible solutions as:

  1. rolling over your payday loan online;
  2. renewing your online payday advance;


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